Products and Systems

Truck Scales

For weighing road vehicles in agriculture, sector of environment, -transport and industry.

Big bag scales

For balancing and loading of big bags

Dosing scales

For prescription weighing and dosing of powder, minerals and granulates in the process industry

Hopper scales

For weighing of bulk in the industry of heavy goods and process.

Agricultural weighers

For weighing calf, pigs and other cattle


For simple or advanced registration and treatment of the weighing data.

Service and Calibration

Calibration and legalisation

To meet all customer's demand Danvægt is certified from quality demands in DS/EN/ISO 9001 og NAWI.

Service and repair

Danvægt offers national and qualified day and night service.


A Truck scale for Køge Jorddepot

Danvægt has delivered a complete weighing facility with two truck scales in an integrated computer-based weighing system for Køge Jorddepot. Automation means that the driver end saves time and money, which is a key competitive factor for Køge Jorddepot.

Outloading scales for Bühler

In 2006 Danvægt made a big contract with the German company Bühler, one of the largest companies in the construction industry. The delivery was a total of six scales, four of which are technically advanced robot driving weights with associated dosing equipment for delivery of finished vehicles

Truck scale gives bonus in cash

Farmer Kristian Pedersen got his expectations for a new Truck scale from Danvægt honoured. Read more about the economic benefits Danvægt’s Truck scale has given him.

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